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Youth Internet Safety Survey

Although it was clear that young people are using the Internet in ever-increasing numbers, no research existed on how many youth encounter unwanted sexual solicitations and exposure to sexual m..

Teen Sex and Pregnancy

If you think your that your teen may be sexually active, it is your responsibility to educate them on the risks and consequences. The facts are that it is NOT as common as your teen would have you th..

Most victims of juvenile violence were juveniles

Most victims of juvenile violence were juveniles Law enforcement reports in the 1997 and 1998 NIBRS files show that juvenile offenders victimized 27% of the sexual assau..

Teach Your Child Refusal Skills

Your child faces a number of tough decisions in her life. Since making friends and fitting in are important to many children, peer pressure has a big impact on decisions, especially on those about ..

The Importance of Family Mealtime

What's dinnertime like in your home? Does everyone heat up their own meal in the microwave at different times and retire to their own corner of the house? Eating dinner together as a fam..

Fact Sheet: A Commitment to Helping America's Youth

Fact Sheet: A Commitment to Helping America's Youth White House Conference Empowers Communities; Launches New Web-Based Guide The White House Conference On Helpi..

Helping America's Youth

President and Mrs. Bush Discuss Helping America's Youth at White House Conference Howard University Washington, D.C. THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. Thanks for the ..

Supplemental Educational Services

Innovations in Education: Creating Strong Supplemental Educational Services Programs ..

Public school choice

Innovations in Education: Creating Strong District School Choice Programs ..

Preparing Youth for Peer Pressure

Peer pressureóitís more than just a phase that young people go through. Whether it leads to pink hair or body piercing, peer pressure is a powerful reality and many adults do not realize its effect..

What is a Boot Camp?

What is a boot camp? These two words are interpreted differently by numerous experts. In defining the scope of the study, the Commission found that the label "boot camp" is unpopular with many ..

Teen Drivers: Fact Sheet

Overview Two out of five deaths among U.S. teens are the result of a motor vehicle crash (CDC 2004). Occurrence and Consequences In 2002, more than 5,000 te..

Quick Stats on Female Adolescents

I. ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, and ILLICIT DRUGS Ninth-grade girls are more likely than twelfth-grade girls to be current inhalant users (6.4 percent versus 2.5 percent)...

2003 Youth Risk Behavior Survey (Y.R.B.S.) Results

Unintentional Injuries and Violence 18% Rarely or never wore safety belts 30% Rode with a drinking driver during the past month 17% Carried a weapon during the ..